Saturday, 17 September 2016

Gold progressively matters less and less the closer we get to the biggest currency crisis in modern times.
“The U.S. Treasury is proposing a new regulation banning national banks and federal credit unions from investing in gold, copper, and other metals that are in “commercial or industrial” forms. This includes gold jewelry, copper cathodes, aluminum T-bars, ”

This is just more evidence IMO that the world is just going on its merry way, on the assumption that gold really is just fancy copper. A commodity. They see the hoarding of gold as no different than the hording of copper. Just some jackasses trying to corner the market to make a quick buck. They will ask, how is the jewelry market supposed to function if there is a bunch of idiots hoarding all the gold ? We cant get houses wired without copper and we can’t get our wedding rings made without gold.
This has no nefarious underpinnings behind it and they would laugh at you for even thinking it.
Go watch some of those Ben Bernanke vs Ron Paul videos. Of the few times that Paul mentioned gold in front of Bernanke, Bernanke could barely contain his laughter.

That’s what they think.
When I first learned about Austrian econ and gold and then freegold, I was excited to invest in gold. But before I made my first purchase, I thought, this all makes sense to me but nobody else is going to get it. So nothing is going to happen and gold isn’t going to matter. But then I thought, the fact that nobody gets it is the reason why gold is cheap in the first place and the doubt is the catalyst for why gold is going to matter. Which made me even more excited about gold. And lots of other bull markets in other assets are built on this premise. This was before QE 2, Euro QE, you name it. As time has gone on, more and more evidence is piling up to prove the theory.

But here we are 8 years later. My first thought was right. Gold hasn’t mattered because nobody gets it. And nobody wants to get it. And industries rely on the fact that nobody gets it. The western world is financed by the fact that nobody gets it.

I thought this would happen in stages where some people would be forced to get it. And the world would slowly come to grips with the dead end path that its on and how gold could play a role in correcting it. But nope. Its exactly the opposite. Gold progressively matters less and less the closer we get to the biggest currency crisis in modern times.


  1. The bankstas own it all through QE, they marked it up to what they wanted because they are the market, and don't like somebody telling them they are wrong.

    They'll let the PMs (think miners) run from time to time, to knock the buck down--it just proves that the best thing to do in a controlled market is to find the most beaten down stuff, that ain't going away, like alt energy or grains and accumulate until they let them run too.

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